You Really Need Pillow Covers – Here’s Why

Pillow covers are essential in ensuring that your pillows are well-protected from dirt and the elements. But did you know that they also protect you? They provide you with protection against allergens and are easy to remove and clean, making them an essential element in your bed.

Here are additional reasons why you should get covers for your pillows.

Keeps Your Pillows Clean

Pillow covers provide an extra layer between you and your pillow and are the first line of defense to keeping your pillows cleaner for longer periods of time. Remember that the human body often sheds and secretes waste materials from the body. So each time you get in contact with your pillows, whether or not you are sleeping, it will also be in contact with your sweat, dead skin, saliva, oily secretions, or even dirt. Having a pillow cover will prevent buildup on the down or feather inside your pillow, keeping it clean and extending the time between pillow washings.

Blocks Out Allergens

Pillow covers made with tightly woven fabric can help create a barrier of protection against dust particles and other allergens, preventing allergen buildup on your pillow. These covers are also easy to remove and wash, clearing any buildup on the cover itself.

Protects Your Pillow’s Fluffiness

Pillow covers protect, especially when used in conjunction with pillow cases, protect the down and fluff inside your pillow from body secretions that can wear down the fluffiness of pillows. Body secretions like sweat, saliva, and oils can seep through the pillow and promote degradation or sticking together of particles.

Gives You Peace of Mind

If you are unsure of the safety or cleanliness of pillows in hotels, you can bring along your pillow covers to make sure that you are protected from any buildup on your hotel pillow. They don’t take up much space so you can bring them along without any major repercussions on your luggage. Or leave them on your own pillows to keep your own pillows protected. Knowing those things can give you peace of mind.