Tips to Make Your Guestroom Guest-Ready



Guest rooms are one of the rooms that are easily forgotten by homeowners since they’re rarely used, well, until you have visitors. It’s still far from the holidays, the “guest season”, but who knows when you’ll be expecting visitors? After all, your relatives or your in-laws might just drop by for a visit every now and then.

Just to make sure, it’s better to be safe and make your guestroom guest-ready with these 5 simple tips and tricks to help you prepare for any guests, whether you’re expecting them or not.


Get Elegantly Cozy Bedding

Perhaps the most important factor that you need to take into consideration is the bed’s level of comfort. That is why having a comfortable bed with stylish bedding is a must for any guest room. Having cozy and elegant bedding will always do the trick and will certainly leave your guests in awe. Try crisp cotton sheets or get linen bedding for a more relaxed look. Also, try to go for a neutral palette so it’s easy to work with and can work in so many different combinations if you want to change up the look.


Add an Accent Chair

A cozy chair will not only add an extra element of style, it also adds function by giving your guests add additional space where they can just chill and relax, put on shoes, or read a book. It adds flexibility to the room, a place where guests can have a spot where they can go for some alone time to relax, do some work, or get out of your hair.


Try to Add Sconces

Adding sconces gives the room a nice addition of form and function. They are a nice, chic addition to your room and they cast a gentle, soft, soothing light, giving a more relaxing feel to the room.


Add a Place for Luggage

Guests will definitely need a place to put their luggage. If there aren’t any closets in the room or extra room to place the luggage, then you should probably get a luggage rack, armoire, or even a wooden bench at the foot of the bed. This adds an additional element of style, and a stylish option for luggage.



Add Texture with a Throw

Adding a throw to your guest room adds another layer to the bed. It can also be used to drape over the back of a chair. A throw can add color and texture to a room and is a welcoming addition, especially on a cold winter’s night.