Spice Up Your Home this Cold Season with these 2018 Fall/Winter Color Trends

Pantone has finally released the new fall/winter color trends for 2018-2019 ahead of London Fashion Week and it features the top seasonal colors that are sure to light up the runway.

Now it’s time to bring that dazzle to your home. We’ll talk about the different colors and how you can use these colors to bring your home to life in this upcoming cold season.


Rich Fall Reds

  • Red Pear

Wine colors can certainly put more color on your home and just screams fall. Red pear brings a sense of romance during the fall days.

  • Valiant Poppy

Valiant Poppy is a vibrant, gleaming shade of red that has established itself as a preeminent color trend this fall/winter.

How to Use in Your Home:   Rich reds are very high-impact colors and can seem overwhelming in a space if used too much. Avoid using other bold colors in the same room to avoid any visual conflicts. If you want to use them on walls, remember that they can make rooms seem smaller and can certainly overwhelm a room. Use them on furniture and treat them as a focal point of a room, surrounded by plenty of neutral colors.


Feminine Pinks and Purples

  • Pink Peacock

Pink Peacock is an unexpected entry on the bright color trend for fall 2018 and designers are not shying away from its use. It is a vibrant and exciting color to add, especially if you love bright colors.

  • Bright Fuchsia

This purplish-red pink color is a preeminent fall color trend for 2018. This bright and vivid color is sure to add life to any dull room.

  • Mellow Rose

Mellow Rose is a soft shade of pink that is very subtle – so subtle that it is often overlooked. But it is versatile and can add a subtle splash of color in any room.

  • Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet is Pantone’s color of the year for 2018. It is a bold, forward-thinking purple hue that gives a refreshing choice for home decoration ideas.

  • Crocus Petal

A softer, pastel-toned violet shade, Crocus Petal was selected as a top color trend for 2018 that can light up the room all the way to summer.

How to Use in Your Home:   Feminine pinks and purples will surely stand out and will occupy a sweet spot in homes of those who love deep and rich hues. Mellow Rose can be used on entryways and other places you don’t spend too much time on while deeper pinks such as Pink Peacock or Bright Fuchsia can be used to add warmth to your dining or living room.  Pair ultra violet with whites, light grays, or blond tones.


Winter Blues

  • Sargasso Sea

The perfect dark blue for the upcoming season, Sargasso Sea is an extremely popular option for interior design.

  • Nebulas Blue

Another unexpected color trend for the winter, Nebulas Blue adds a bold pop of color to a traditional-style living room and coordinates beautifully with dark wood accents.

            How to Use in Your Home:   If you are a big fan of cool shades, then winter blues are for you. Use these deep blues for a cooler atmosphere to your bedroom or living room, or use them on accent pieces or wall art. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with these timeless classics.


Earthy Browns

  • Rust

Although it was originally associated with urban decay, the times have definitely changed. It has become an iconic color for interior design as Rust exudes raw beauty and elegance.

  • MeerKat

MeerKat is a burnished brown that is a slightly darker version of burnt orange. It exudes warmth and promises to make a statement in every room.

How to Use in Your Home:   Earthy brown colors are warm, neutral shades that can give a cozy vibe for col interiors. They go perfectly well with pink shades and reds. Use these shades in bedrooms with linens and pillows to add layers. They also look great in white rooms with black accents (think leather upholstered sofas).


Fall-Ready Brights and Neons

  • Russet Orange

Russet Orange is generally a cheerful color that radiates optimism and can transform any room into a welcoming, exotic oasis that looks trendy and sophisticated.

  • Ceylon Yellow

A perfectly bright fall 2018 color with a hint of savory feel, this spicy shade of yellow adds an exotic touch to your home.

  • Limelight

Limelight is a softer shade of yellow with a tiny hint of brown. It is animated and effervescent and can become the center of attention to any room if used correctly.

How to Use in Your Home:   These bright colors can easily get overpowering if used in excess. If used correctly, however, can be great centerpieces.  Bright orange can be used as an accent to add a pop of bold color and adds warmth to your kitchen. Use yellows for accent pieces in modern spaces such as wall art or paired with white brick, natural woods, and black accents.


Winter Greens

  • Martini Olive

Martini Olive is a greenish-brown hue that adds an earthy tone to a design. It is quite versatile and can add a smooth, sophisticated depth to your home this forthcoming season.

  • Quetzal Green

Quetzal Green is a lovely mix of sea blues and greens. It is deep and dark and a great choice to add a mid-modern century feel to any space.

How to Use in Your Home:   These winter greens are best paired with rustic wood finishes or paired with blacks and grays, keeping the palette more modern. Use Quetzal Green furniture to add a fun, retro look to the modern living room.



  • Almond Buff

The perfect soft color choice for homes, Almond Buff is a classic beige/light tan with understated appeal but adds a soft, dreamy aura to any room.

  • Quiet Gray

Quiet Gray is a timeless color choice to create a restful feel in a room. It is versatile, familiar, timeless, and best of all, a safe design choice and a good choice that works well year-round.

  • Tofu

Tofu is a mild off-white option that is as popular as ever and provides a modern, urban backdrop to any home.

  • Elegant Black

Elegant Black never really goes out of style. It invigorates a room and creates a statement that will no doubt pay off.

  • Shimmering Silver

Shimmering Silver gives rooms a little twinkle and is set to make a splash in the world of interior design.

How to Use in Your Home:   Contrary to popular belief, neutral colors are not boring. Use neutral Almond Buff, Quiet Gray, or Tofu as a neutral backdrop to bring out bold elements in your design and make your furniture pop out with darker upholstery and accented with black colors.