Understanding Tog Values

When buying a duvet, you may have encountered and gotten confused at these things called “Tog Values” on the tag. Basically, a Tog is a unit of measurement made to describe the thermal insulation of a piece of fabric or bedding. A low tog value indicates that it has a low level of insulation while a high number means that it has a high level of insulation.

There are several misconceptions surrounding the Tog Value. There are some who use the Tog as an indicator of the quality or even the weight of the duvet since most high-Tog duvets are generally heavy. However, that is not the case. The Tog merely indicates the level of warmth of a specific duvet and does not indicate the type of material or filling used, its thread count, or its overall quality.

Again, as an indicator of overall warmth and not quality, it follows that having a high Tog Value for a duvet does not necessarily mean it is the best. Most people sleep more soundly when their bodies are kept at a cool to normal temperature throughout the night. This means selecting a duvet with a duvet value that meets your level of comfort as well as having a thermostat level suited to how warm or cool you like it.

Tog Values and Their Usage

Historically, people tend to select a duvet that is suited to the season. As stated earlier, lower Tog Values represent duvets that are cooler and are generally more suited to warmer climates. Higher Tog Values are generally warmer and are generally more suited for use during the wintertime when the temperatures are much, much lower.

3.0 - 4.5 Tog – A lighter, cooler duvet suited for use during the summer months.

7.5 – 10.5 Tog – Slightly heavier duvets a slightly warmer feel. This type of duvet is perfect for spring and autumn, a bedroom with central heating, or with a blanket in winter.

12.0 – 15.0 Tog – Extra warm duvet that is perfect for winter months when you want to stay warm, cozy, and snug.

With more advances in technology, however, people’s choices concerning Tog Values have evolved with the recent advances in duvet manufacture as well as the increased usage of central heating. This means that people nowadays generally tend to buy “all-season” duvets, which can be used for all types of seasons with the help of central heating. Generally speaking, 13.5 Tog duvets are well-suited for this type of use when alone and a 10.5-Tog duvet for use when sharing a bed.

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