Transform Your Bedroom into a Warm and Cozy Haven this Autumn


Autumn is finally here. Along with the end of summer come longer nights and colder winds. It also represents a shift from cooler, summer beddings to the warmer, autumn and winter beddings.

Transform your bedroom into a warm and cozy haven this autumn to help you provide a welcome respite from the inclement weather. There are a few things that you can do to add warmth and coziness to your bedroom without having to completely redecorate your boudoir. You can simply add extra layers to your bed with a thick duvet or comforter, and extra cuddly blankets.

Here are a few other ways to not only add warmth and coziness to your bedroom but also to make your room look fabulous.


Autumn Additions

Spice up your décor and keep it toasty with some fun throw blankets. You can place a throw on your bed to play with color, or on a reading chair to make reading time as cozy as ever.

Adding layers are not just for your hair or wardrobe. Layer throw rugs to create contrasting textures and patterns while introducing relaxing and inviting tones into your bedroom. You can also layer your window treatments to play with colors and textures while helping to keep the cold from filtering in through drafty casements.

Change up your decorative pillows. Add darker red hues to not only add warmth, but also create an autumn vibe. Try using pillow cases with fall patterns and warm colors.

What adds more warmth to rooms than fire? You don’t have to add a fireplace or burn down your house to do so. You can simply add candles that will not only warm up a room, but can also add various autumn scents by using scented candles.


Play Around with Colors

Experiment with a variety of color combinations. You can use monochromatic color schemes amidst neutral colors. You can also try a combination of two or three colors punctuated by warm colors to add a pop of color. You don’t have to be a professional designer to come up with color schemes that work. Take the time to mix and match what’s in your linen closet. This is a great way to find out which color combinations work and which schemes you like, without having to invest in a complete overhaul.


Soften Your Lighting

Create a warm and cozy ambience and indulge in the glow of fall by switching to softer lights. Choose low-watt lighting with warm tones for your bedside lights. Use warmer-toned, yet still softer, overhead lighting for a warm vibe to any room. If you want a complete change, add spotlights to your bedroom with a dimmer switch that lets you control the light levels. A string of fairy lights draped around the bedpost or wall mirror also adds a gentle warming vibe to a bedroom.


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