Store Your Summer Beddings with Care – Here’s How

Fall is almost upon us and it’s time to make changes to our home to prepare for the changing of the seasons. This means switching up beddings from crisp cotton lines, lightweight blankets, and the summery decorative pillows to make way for heavier duvets and flannel sheets. But don’t just go stashing this season’s beddings in the back of your closet. We’ll show you how you can properly store your beddings to keep them in pristine shape and ready to use for next summer.


Wash Your Sheets Properly

Don’t just go stuffing your used beddings just yet. They have to be washed first. To keep them soft, be sure to wash sheets and pillowcases in a delicate, cold cycle so you won’t wind up with degraded fibers and shrunken sheets. Think of it as giving your beddings a gentle massage while giving them a full cleaning. Additionally, make sure to use less detergent than what it says on the bottle. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with stiff sheets.


Make Sure They’re Dry

After you wash your beddings, be sure to dry them properly. Toss a few wool balls or one clean tennis ball in the drier with the bedding to help air circulate evenly and fluff your linens but take them out of the dryer early so you can easily smooth out creases. Hang them to air dry so you can remove any residual moisture because it will not only cause down filling to pool or clump, but will also invite the growth of mold.


Prepare for Storage

Mold and mildew is definitely not something you want growing on your beddings. To make sure they stay as far away from your beddings as possible, make sure to store them properly. Keep them in a cool, dry place. Use fabric bags to protect them from dust and allow air to circulate and keep humidity away. Don’t use plastic bags because they will only cause fabrics to yellow. Spritz a natural room spray to keep them smelling fresh.


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