Silk: It's Absurd

Nope. Silk itself is not absurd. What’s absurd, however, are all the myths surrounding the use of silk sheets, especially with how it’s sometimes portrayed in the movies. If you’re thinking about getting silk sheets for a special occasion or just for the heck of it, then by all means, you should go right ahead. In the meantime, let’s take a look at all the myths about silk and why they’re just absurd.



Myth #1: Silk is slippery.

Perhaps one of the most tired clichés about silk is that it’s slippery. French Montana said it best, “silk sheets, I be slippin’ off the bed, baby.” Just because he said it best, doesn’t mean he’s right.

While it is true that silk has relatively less friction than, say, cotton, you don’t have to worry about slipping right off the bed. The myth stems from the increased popularity of synthetic “silk” sheets that are usually made from polyester. These polyester satin “silks” are actually very slippery and are poor quality comparisons to authentic silk.


Myth #2: Silk is weak and not very durable.

Much of this myth comes from the fact that silk is often used in women’s lingerie and dresses in a lightweight fashion. Silk is actually one of the strongest materials out there, which was actually used as the primary fabric in parachutes before the invention of nylon.

If you take care of your silk sheets properly, they can last you a very long time. Unlike cotton and other fabric, you won’t have to replace your sheets every few years.


Myth #3: Silk is very expensive.

There is a bit of truth to this myth since it is, indeed, more expensive than cotton blends. And it is also true in the sense that silk is expensive to make, which takes up to 5,000 cocoons to produce one pound of silk. However, if you look at silk as an investment, it would definitely pay off in the long run since they are very durable and could take several years before they show signs of wear and tear, unlike other fabrics wherein you would need to replace them after just a short time. Plus, you can’t deny the benefits of sleeping on silk sheets on your long-term health and overall well-being, which makes your investment even more worthwhile.


Myth #4: Silk sheets require dry cleaning.

Yes, silk sheets require special cleaning, but no, they do not require dry cleaning. It doesn’t have to be hand-washed, either. Good silk sheets can be machine washed on a gentle cold water cycle with a specialized detergent. Although it COULD lose some of its luster after continuous washes, they WILL also become softer and silkier to touch. In fact, many people find that they like their silk sheets even more after they have been washed a few times.


Myth #5: Silk sheets are processed chemically.

High quality silk sheets are naturally white and do not require bleaching while cheaper silk sheets are bleached in order to bring out its “whiteness”. Additionally, silk production does not require pesticides or herbicides often found in some textiles because silk worms used for silk production are raised in captivity and free from predators.

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