Quality Parameters You Should Look for Before Buying Your Sheets

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Most people think that when buying sheets, the only consideration to be made should be thread count. While that should be a consideration, that is only part of it. There are still other parameters that should be considered because truth be told, a sheet with a high thread count doesn’t really mean much if the thread itself is low in quality.

Before buying your sheets, be sure to take a look at these quality indicators to better gauge the quality of the product you’re looking at.


Does it really matter what type of fabric is used on the sheets? Yes, it does. The type of fabric used dictates some of the “behavior” of sheets. For instance, pure cotton sheets are water-loving and are therefore moisture-absorbent and stain-resistant, while cotton-polyester blends are wrinkle-resistant and are usually more durable.

Be sure to inspect the tags on the sheet to see the quality of the fabric. If it’s cotton, see if it’s Egyptian, Pima, or Supima. If it doesn’t indicate that, then it’s probably low-quality cotton.


The weave is important because it not only affects the way a sheet feels, but also the way it looks, how durable it is, and how expensive it is. Some sheets don’t often specify the type of weave used, which usually indicates that it uses a basic weave and is therefore low in quality and inexpensive.

For higher quality weaves, the most common are sateen (not satin, the fabric) and percale. Sateen feels very soft and silky with a slight sheen, but is generally less durable, while percale feels crisp and is strong and durable.

Does Thread Count Matter?

Thread count is perhaps the most widely-used quality parameter for most. The prevailing notion is that the higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the sheet. That is partly true, as a high thread count does feel softer and more durable. However, thread counts reaching up to 1000 is mostly false and misleading as it involves warping multiple threads into one just to reach that high a count. It’s just a marketing ploy to make sheets more expensive. Look for thread counts that reach up to 600 if you want higher-quality sheets.


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