How to Decorate Your Home with Stripes

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Even though it really didn’t go away, stripes are certainly making their way back to the decorating scene. They are a sure hit for graphic statements that are not only eye-catching, but also timeless. They are endlessly versatile and can certainly dramatically transform your interiors with the proper look. They can be rendered in various combinations – from thick to thin lines to varying color patterns – to give energy to any room.

Whether you use stripes on the wall as a dominant feature or just as a piece of decoration as a mere accent, here are some ways to help you decorate your home with stripes.


Start Small

If you’re unsure about the use of stripes, you can add stripes to any room in small doses to get a low-commitment way of achieving a look that you want. Think of it as decorating a room piece-by-piece. You can add a striped rug, a striped sofa, striped pillows, or maybe even a striped painting. These are all small touches that can certainly make a big enough impact. Experiment with contrasting colors to add a pop of color, or with monochromatic colors for a subtler design.


Create Continuity through Repeats

Commit to a striped pattern that you really love. You will find that by repeating the same pattern throughout a space, you can create some much-needed continuity. Additionally, using multiple pieces with the same pattern can add a major wow factor to your space. Repeat the same patterns and the same colorway on multiple pieces such as pillowcases and curtains, or maybe the carpet and lamp shades.


Think of Stripes as Neutrals

Neutrals are those that look good with anything and go surprisingly well with other types of prints. In terms of your furniture, you can choose striped upholstered pieces, which go surprisingly well with a variety of prints, from leopard to florals, giving you the freedom to change up curtains, rugs, and pillows.


Don’t Forget the Classics

The classics are classics for a reason. That is because you can never go wrong with crisp, classic stripes. Of course, there are plenty bright and multi-colored stripes available, there will always be a place for the classics. Go for classic colors and simple stripes to add a sense of calm and orderliness to any room. It creates a timeless appeal that can certainly outlast any trend.

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