Battle of the Ages: Flat Sheets vs Fitted Sheets


One of the biggest debates in bedding history is whether to use a flat sheet or to just stick with a fitted sheet. While both sheets do have the same general purpose – to protect the mattress and provide a nice, smooth area for lying – they do not have the same specific purposes.

Before we can settle the debate, we need to carefully define what fitted and flat sheets are and what they are really intended for. This way, we can have a much easier time settling the score, once and for all.


What are Fitted Sheets?

Fitted sheets, also known as bottom sheets, are sheets that are typically used to protect the top of the mattress. As the name suggests, they are designed to fit snugly over a mattress using elasticated corners. They are more difficult to fold due to their non-rectangular edges.


What are Flat Sheets?

Flat sheets, also known as top sheets, are rectangular, flat sheets that are placed on top of a fitted sheet but just below blankets and duvets. They are easier to control and easier to fold due to their flat nature. They do, however, take more time to prepare since you have to tuck the sides in between the mattress and the bed itself.


Settling the Debate

There is actually no real debate in terms of the purpose of the two sheets. They are both used as “one on top of the other” and “one instead of the other.” There are people who would choose to omit one or the other while some use both and get confused why people don’t use both of them. It’s all really down to personal taste. If you find that it is too much of a hassle to add a top sheet over the fitted sheet, then you can choose to go for just the fitted sheet. The same goes if you like it more if you have an extra sheet layer over the bottom sheet.

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