Age-old Question: Is a Duvet different from a Comforter?


Duvet vs. Comforter: aren’t they just the same thing?

This debate has gone on for ages and is maybe as old as time (maybe I’m exaggerating a bit). Nevertheless, this has been a hot topic for shoppers who just want to have that warm, snug feeling in bed.

Some may argue that duvets are just plump comforters. Others may not have noticed any difference at all. However, knowing the difference between the two bedding superstars will surely go a long way in understanding what you want out of your beddings, and what you need.


What is a duvet?

Duvets are very fluffy, opulent quilts that typically come filled with feathers, down, or any synthetic stuffing material and are sized according to your bed to have minimal hangover. Some duvet designs come quilted in a box or channeling pattern, but also come without a quilting pattern at all and would look like a big, fluffy sack.

Duvets often come in very light neutral colors, such as white, dirty white, and beige and would typically come with duvet covers to serve as protection for the duvet. The covers also come in different styles, colors, and patterns in order to have a variety of styles to choose from when changing duvet covers, like changing pillowcases for  pillows.

People like duvets because even though they look bulky and heavy, they are surprisingly lightweight.

Researchers believe that duvets originated in Europe. The word “duvet” means “down” in Old French because down feathers were used, and still are, as duvet fillers. Some sources also suggest that the Chinese used duvet-like coverings as far back as 3000 B.C.


What is a comforter?

Much like a duvet, a comforter is also a quilt that is made from two layers of fabric that is stuffed with feathers, down, or synthetic materials. Comforters are different from duvets, however, in that they are filled with a lot less filling to begin with and are normally sized larger than your bed.

Comforters first became a popular bedding choice in the 19th century. Its name is derived from the word “comfort” because it was designed to provide comfort. Unlike a duvet, a comforter has been stitched with the decorative material and doesn’t require a sheet cover. You can use a duvet cover to change styles, however, they may not fit because duvets are smaller.

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